Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Hey everyone!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Here's a few tidbits from our last few days.

So, as mentioned in earlier posts, during the afternoons there are two elective sessions where we choose which classes we want to attend. I signed myself and Natalie up for a Worship Leader Band Session yesterday. Basically what that mean is we each would have the opportunity to rehearse and lead a song of our choice with Bethel's worship team (the guys on the Bethel cds!) and then receive feedback and critiques. We both had a few butterflies in our stomachs right before but we felt really good about everything during and afterward. Here's the "highlight reel":

I was so proud of Natalie. She really rocked it! Both of us received very positive feedback from the team, it was encouraging.

Meanwhile, while mommy and daddy are at school, Sammy is having the time of his life with his new best friends. Today they all went to a water park and Sammy and the kids had a blast. We sooo wish we could have been there for his first water park experience. Here are some pictures, just look at that smile!

Not only has Sammy been having the time of his life, he's been learning some new tricks as well! Most of you are probably familiar with what I call his "wounded soldier" crawl. Well about a week ago he just woke up and decided it was time to start crawling for real. I think maybe he just wanted to keep up with the other kids better, who knows. So he's much faster now. He's also been cruising a lot and yes, he has been cruisin' for a bruisin'. He has a few bonks a day. Not only has he been improving his transportation skills but he's also developed a taste for vertical surfaces. In other words, he has an irresistible urge to lick appliances and cabinets. See for yourself:

Yeah we know, we definitely need to have a "boundaries" talk with him. :)

Thanks for reading and watching! Till next time!!!

Clark for the Z3


  1. I think he's giving his reflection kisses, "I'm so irresistible!"

  2. Great job Clark & Natalie! Show 'em how we bring it at HITC!

  3. I agree with Ethan he is loving his reflection. You both rocked it!!!!

  4. Love your blog. Love your posts. So glad you are there getting to experience all that you are! We miss you a ton!